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Tyre reviews

Here are a selection of the best tyres for track day use. If you have real experience with a tyre on the track and would like to publish a review, please send it to Please include the full name and manufacturer of the tyre, your review and a rating out of 5 for performance in the dry, wet, road, track, durability, noise and overall. If you don't include all the information we won't be able to publish your review.
BF Goodrich G- Force T/A KDW
An excellent semi-slick tyre with decent water clearing ability. Very predictable on the limit and excellent grip; especially in the dry.
- Dustin
Bridgestone Potenza G III (165 60R12) & (205 60R14)
The tyre is very impressive. Its ability to provide traction in wet condition is just unbelievable! It's a unidirectional tyre and I also thank all the people behind making this tyre please forgive me about the ratings as I don't know much about track performance...
- Your Friend From India
Bridgestone S-03
None provided
- Graeme
Continental ContiSport2 235/55 17 99W
I've gone back to the Contis after trying a couple of highly-rated alternatives which were frankly disappointing. These tyres are predictable, progressive and reliable. I have no complaints about the the tread-life as I am only interested in out and out performance, and do not want to compromise for longer tyre life.
- Jager Tee
Dunlop Direzza Star Spec
Great tire surprisingly good grip in the wet for a semi-slick tire. Its a pretty soft compound so it doesn't last too long. Its not a quite tire road noise is there and loud on some types of pavement but its totally livable there is no deafening tread howl.
- Danny
Dunlop SP Sport 8000
Excellent for daily driving provides substantial grip under all conditions.
- Michael
Falken Ziex ZE-512
Great tyre when dry. Good on the wet tarmac. Horrible in the snow. Even though it is an "All-Season" I consider it to be a summer tyre because of its poor traction in the snow. Because this tyre is extremely affordable it is great for drifting. Not recommended for casual road use because the road noise from tyres is extremely loud.
- Benson
Falken Azeni
I use these on my Nissan 240sx (silvia/200sx in Britain). I only use them on the rear wheels since they provide a longer lasting tyre under heat and for drifting. They are more of a track/street tyre than a general purpose tyre since they are horrible in snow.
- Jeff
Falken FK451
Found them in used condition at the back of a tyre shop. Best street tyres I've used for track days better than Continental Contisports 2 seriously. I can floor it in 2nd gear in rain without losing traction too.
- DL
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
Fantastic tyre grip levels are awesome cant get my Audi S3 to lose traction with these on.
- Dave
Goodyear Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2
The tyre is very impressive in the wet. Excelent grip in corners. I have driven with top brand tyres but these are the best high performence tyres I have ever driven!
- Vic Tolevski
GoodYear Eagle F1
Simply the best tyre on the market. Untouchable wet performance with comparable dry performance to Michelin PS#
- Udhveer
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3
Tried in 225/50R17 size. Quite a good tyre, has great wet grip. Some people talk about them tending to wander for the lack of straight grooves and ridges, but I haven't noticed any problems.
- Arny K
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric
Tried in 235/45R17 dimension. Good tyres, but not as good as the "symmetric" Eagle F1 on the wet. Very durable without sacrificing the grip.
- Arny K
Kumho Solus
Background: Average everyday driving with little bit of "attitude" (cornering take-offs). No track or any other racing. Recently put my second set of Kumho Solus. Quite softish compound. The best grip on wet I've ever had in this car (Toyota Avalon). Previous sets were: Michelin Vivacy and Hankook (don't remember model). Wet grip was there still until very last moments of tyres life!
- Pete
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus
Driven 8000 miles on the street with these and 8 laps on the Nurburgring. Great dry performance and very good for wet conditions as well. Durability is fine for street driving but each track lap ate about a thousand miles off them. Sidewalls are very stiff and holdsthe track well. What I like most about these tires is the super quiet ride in low profiles.
- Peabody
Michelin PS2
For heavy Porsche 996TT lasted a while at the track great communication very good dry and good even in rain
- David
Michelin PS2
Decent road and track tyre.
- Andy Smith
Nokian Z-G2 size 255,40,17"
A lot of bang for your buck. My S6 feels very predictable and I've never felt as confident in the wet with any car. Unfortunately I can't give first hand experience for track use, but they stop very well in the wet and dry. Steering feedback could be better though.
- Russell
Toyo Proxies R1R
Best R compound ever tried. Very grippy in the dry and moderate in the wet recommended to pair it with good wet rubber like Eagle F1 GDS3 so rear won't flip. Tread wear is not as good as other performance rubber but it will survive in hot climate as well as raining roads
- David
Toyo Proxes T1R
A very good tyre on the track. I've been using these tyres both on the road and on the track. Very good tyre on the road (stay hard) and on the track it comes really soft after 2-3 min of warming up. Very good grip on cornering.
- Simon
Toyo R888
One of the best semi slick tyres ever!
- Peter
Toyo R888
Beautiful track tires, lots of grip and they don't get greasy easily. Phenomenal tire in the rain when they are rain-grooved. Highly recommended.
- Dave
Yokohama AD07
Very good semi-slick for the dry normal grip during wet. Silica compound. Grip level is max on dry tarmac. Ui-directional so rotation needs tyre to be taken off the rims. I would continue to use it again. This is not drift tyre but once it is worn to 20% or less thread wet performance will drop dramatically to "1" which means it will slide in rain a lot. But if dry grip of worn tyre will like a normal tyre.
- Vince
Yokohama A048
An excellent semi-slick tyre with decent water clearing ability. Very predictable on the limit and excellent grip; especially in the dry.
- Jon
Yokohama S-drive
Good tyres in terms of performance. But the noise level is awful. BTW should there be Noise level comment somewhere here? This tyre is realy loud :( prob due to low profile as well.
- Steve